Left to right: Milo-Voice, Dave-Keys, Doug-Sax, Phil-Drums, Paul-Guitar, Zack-Guitar, Louie-Bass and Rebecca-Voice.

(Photo by Ellen Page Wilson)

Around February 1999, I auditioned for a reggae-fusion group callled The Motives on recommendation by Doug Guthrie. The group featured a woman singer, an island toaster-rapper-singer and Bela Fleck's brother Louie on bass and main songwriter. I took over keyboard duties, but after viewing a video of a concert prior to my joining, I was less than enthused.

Therefore I played a show in March and then called it quits. In June my ex encouraged me to rejoin. We continued to play dates and then tour Bay Area California and then college dates in Iowa (home of lead singer Rebecca). Please see the 1999 On the Road Pages for our adventure.

The Motives broke up in March 2000 because of the loss of both lead singers due to circumstances beyond my control. This is how the Motives sounded in our heyday during our 1999 California and Iowa tours! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Notes on the Recordings

These live recordings were recorded using an on-stage portable cassette recorder, which accounts for the raw unprocessed sound. However you get a pretty damn good idea of how the band sounds in a raucous live setting, in lieu of no studio recordings.

So Much More is an original featuring the vocal stylings of Rebecca and Milo, along with the lead guitar of Zack Glass, son of composer Philip Glass. This was recorded live at the Waves Smokehouse and Barbecue Club in San Jose, California in August, 1999. Other members are Louie Fleck-bass (brother of Bela Fleck), Paul V.-guitar, ex-Nail member Douglas Guthrie-sax, Laury ("Larry") Webb-percussion, Phil "Dubwise" Simon-drums and yours truly on keyboards.

Rockfort Rock is an instrumental where the musicians get to stretch out and do some hot soloing. The order of solos are as follows: Paul V.-Guitar, Doug Guthrie-Sax and myself on smokin' keyboards. The other musicians on this track are Louie Fleck and Phil Simon, recorded live at the Rock Island Club in Des Moines, Iowa in September, 1999.

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